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English for Everyday Life  

-Practical English Conversation Class

  • Ask questions and get answers about the colorful American Culture!
    Outcome: Students ask questions, participate in class discussions and record answers to common questions about American culture.

  • Engage in stimulating conversations with new friends in class while you polish your English listening and speaking skills!
    Outcome: Students will gain experience in conversational skills and learn to take risks in language learning through negotiation and interaction.

  • Practice English vocabulary in context using both common and academic word lists.
    Outcome: Students will engage in using vocabulary in class through (ESL) common and academic word lists. Students will start vocabulary notebooks.

  • Understand (mimic) Midwestern North American pronunciation while using vocabulary words learned in class.
    Outcome: Students will practice speaking skills (pronunciation) through vocabulary practiced in context.

  • Work on accent reduction to increase speaking clarity as well as improve the quality of your daily interactions in the English language.
    Outcome: Address accent reduction as well as pronunciation barriers in order to experience clarity in daily interactions with American English speakers.

  • Practice "on the street" speaking skills by reflecting on the meanings of common idioms. Practice using collocations in the English language (words commonly strung together).
    Outcome: Speaking practice opportunities in class by studying and discussing meanings of common idioms used in American culture as well as study common English “chunks” or phrases.

  • Listen and ask questions about topics in which classmates are interested, and informally discuss these topics in lively and engaging conversation groups.
    Outcome: Interview and ask questions to determine and identify student interests, and explore these interests through consistent opportunities for class conversations.


English for Everyday Life
Item: WKMIS42002 Sally Plattner
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Location: Hickory Hall, Hickory 105
Sessions: 12 Tu Th 5407 N. University Peoria, IL 61635
10/24/2017 - 12/5/2017 Fee: $115.00

Adult Community Programs at Illinois Central College
Illinois Central College Peoria Campus
5407 N. University St. Peoria, IL. 61635

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