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Introduction to Computers - Advanced Beginners  

Build on the basics and continue with more computer skills. Those with more knowledge of computers will learn how to maintain your computer, personalize your computer and explore the Control Panel. Learn to add Program and Internet shortcuts to the Desktop for easy access to a Program or to the Internet and use the option of InPrivate Browsing for safer Internet surfing. Work in different word processing applications. Learn to highlight text and images to create documents using different fonts, setting margins and page layouts. Insert Clip-art to enhance a document and master the cut, copy, paste features as well as learning to save your documents. You are required to bring a USB Flash Drive. Keyboarding and mouse skills are required. You will use an ICC lab computer with Windows 7 operating system. Windows XP users will benefit also.


Introduction to Computers - Advanced Beginners  Class already in session...
Item: WKCOM200420 Debbie Pierantoni
  Fee: $80.00

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