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Cannabis Dispensary Operations Course   

Do you see yourself working in the field of cannabis? Opportunities are everywhere in this new and constantly growing industry! To work in cannabis, you need to know basic plant science, patient & product navigation, laws, and regulations. In addition to basic operations, this course focuses on supply chain and inventory management.

What sets this program apart from other cannabis dispensary programs? GPEAK badges! GPEAK stands for Greater Peoria Essential Skills, Ability and Knowledge and was developed by Greater Peoria leaders to provide training in the essential skills they want to see from employees. GPEAK activities aligned with the objectives of this course will provide you with essential skills in teambuilding and conflict management, problem solving and accountability, and decision making. At the end of the course, you will be badged in the above-mentioned skills. 

In this 5-session course, you will learn the following in a team centered, in person, interactive cohort:
•    Cannabis plant basics and products available
•    History, myths, and stigmas of cannabis
•    Laws, regulations, and operations pertaining to a cannabis dispensary
•    Cannabis supply chain and inventory management
•    Dispensary customer service and pathways into the cannabis industry

Registration fee will be waived if learners attend all 5 nights of the course.

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