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Hummingbird Haven  

Imagine the air filled with hundreds of tiny wings beating faster than the eye can take it in. That's the scene throughout the summer at Creel and Lois White's Hummingbird Haven, near Smithfield. The White's farm has long been a paradise for the tiny birds. Visitors come from all over to witness the countless tiny hummingbirds enjoying the special feeder blend. More than 800 pounds of sugar is used each summer to attract the birds. We will also tour the farm’s prairie garden used to attract the tiny birds. After our visit, we will enjoy lunch at Bistro 101 in Canton. The trip includes transportation, tour, and lunch.

Please Note -- Cancellation/Refund Policy for Day Trips: To receive a full refund you must cancel all day trips at least 15 days prior to the day of the trip.


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