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Suffering and the Pursuit of Happiness  

We human beings are born free with an abundance of choices. However, we get lost when we realize that no choice is a right one. Life moves forward per moment to its end, but along the way is deep-rooted suffering. What is suffering? Why do we suffer? How do we get rid of suffering? What is it that boosts happiness? If suffering has a cause, it has a cure too. In this six-week capsule course, Suman Shah, 80, well known writer and retired professor of literature, Visiting Fellow at Yale University and Writer-in-Residence at the University of Pennsylvania, will explain the problem and elaborate the cure of suffering from the simple philosophy of "Love for Wisdom". This class will be infused with philosophy, literature, and capsulated with Pranayama practice - a breath control to realize the flow of Prana - life energy. The participants will experience a lifestyle boost resulting in a better living.


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