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Ability Based Career Exploration ( Age 14 and Older)   NEW!

Career Consultant--Annie Bell, DreamofMonday

Did you know that every course of study and every occupation, uses specific abilities? Therefore, finding the learning and work environment in which you will be most satisfied and successful is dependent on knowing your unique pattern of abilities. Unlike interest inventories and standardized testing, this course will measure your natural aptitudes, which do not change throughout life, using the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB). Together we will assess your strengths to explore career matches, college majors, and training programs. Each participant will develop a personalized path for success in a fun, interactive, and hands-on environment. Through this course you will come to better understand the strengths that make you, YOU and plan to use your strengths wisely!

• Abilities are measured objectively (3 hour test battery)
• 30+ pages of personalized reports will be navigated with a career expert
• Feel confident communicating your strengths
• Understand the why behind your behaviors and motives
• Identify the future learning environment in which you will thrive AND improve current school performance
• Results are strengths focused. No one can fail.

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