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Effective Communication    NEW!

Mastering the art of communication is imperative. From becoming a better listener to becoming confident in public speaking to interpersonal relationships, this course will cover this learned skill to help improve your skills. Put these techniques to good use in your personal or professional life.

  • Our first lesson will explore the different types of communication: verbal versus non verbal and how to better interact with others using both modes. This lesson will allow you to interact with others through activities while improving active listening.
  • Our second lesson will focus on written communication. The focus will be on constructing outlines and developing speeches, organizing thoughts.
  • Our third lesson will explore verbal communication and public speaking. We will focus on delivery skills and put our speeches in to practice.
  • Our final lesson will focus on small group communication and the different roles shared. This lesson is intended to identify communication barriers, how they can impact communication or cause confusion. Once we know how to identify them, we will learn strategies to better communicate in group settings.


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