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Workshops > Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC2) > Galesburg


The BRC2 is a 12-hour program that provides both classroom and motorcycle riding instruction. It is designed for riders who have the basic motorcycle operational skills of straight-line riding, shifting, stopping and clutch control but need to improve those skills to demonstrate the abilities required for motorcycle licensing purposes. Do not enroll for this course if you do not have the riding skills listed above. If it is determined by the instructor that a student does not have the required skills to participate, they will not be able to continue and will be instructed to leave the class.

    Students must bring the required motorcycle gear to the first class:
  • Protective eyewear – prescription glasses or sunglasses, goggles, face shield
  • Long sleeve jacket or shirt – no holes
  • Long pants – denim or other sturdy material (no sweatpants, no yoga pants, no hospital scrubs, no holes)
  • Full fingered gloves – leather preferred
  • Over-the-ankle footwear – sturdy material (not cloth or canvas) must completely cover ankle


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