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Dealing with Job Loss  

A free workshop to help you cope and recover from experiencing job loss.

1. Who Moved the Cheese?
     a. Adapting to Change
2. Recovering from Loss
     a.  Review of the 6 Myths of grieving a loss (Grief Recovery Institute)
     b.  Recall positive coping situations in the past
     c.  Techniques to replace negative thoughts and messages
     (so they do not interfere with re-careering or the interview process)
3. Practical Concerns and Issues
     a.  Resources available
     b.  Communication with friends and family who want to help
4. Managing Stress
     a.  Techniques to reduce stress while interviewing
5. Financial Savvy During Tough Times
     a.  Paying bills without a paycheck
     b. Talking to creditors
6. Opportunities for Change
     a.  Learn what the pathway/process is for job search - 6 weeks, 3 months,
      6 months and 1 year out from layoff
     b.  Educational and/or re-careering referrals

This workshop is free but registration is required.


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