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Understanding & Preventing Cyber Bullying   

Cyberbullying or online bullying has quickly become a 21st century epidemic and a growing concern for students, parents, and educators. Cyberbullying is willful and involves recurring or repeated harm inflicted through electronic text. Cyberbullying can be as simple as continuing to send e-mail to someone who does not want further contact with the sender. This course will examine the harmful effects of online harassment and give educators at all levels an overview of research on cyberbullying and how they can be the driving force to prevent it in their schools. We will then explore preventative strategies as well as how school staff can address these issues when they occur. A clear understanding of what constitutes harassment and the harmful effects of harassment on people and institutions is essential to providing a safe and inclusive school environment for all. Additionally, you will learn various techniques to prevent and stop cyberbullying that you can implement upon returning to your classroom.

In this course, you will: Develop an understanding and knowledge of cyberbullying. Analyze and identify the various types of cyberbullies. Identify strategies to prevent cyberbullying. Identify websites on cyberbullying and their content. Identify existing laws that surround cyberbullying. Identify methods of incorporating the impact cyberbullying will have on teaching methods and parent communication. Identify the role as educators in responding to incidents of cyberbullying and harassment. Identify ways to support students, staff and families in understanding bullying and harassment issues. Identify profiles of bullies and victims. Examine student rights and responsibilities in the digital age. Identify best preventive practices on bullying and cyberbullying. Examine age, gender and racial differences in cyberbullying. Examine what educators and parents can do to prevent and stop cyberbullying.

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  • Understanding & Preventing Cyber Bullying
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