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Building an Inclusive Organization   

Learn how to create an inclusive work culture, prioritize diversity, and build an inclusive workspace, both in person and in remote work settings. In this course, you'll examine how to address cognitive bias and unconscious bias in recruiting, hiring, retaining, and developing a workforce. This course will also provide tools for being an inclusive leader and demonstrate the important role this serves in creating and building an inclusive organization.

Learning outcomes include: Outline strategies for prioritizing diversity and fostering an inclusive workplace. Differentiate between unconscious bias and cognitive bias. Describe strategies to increase diversity and reduce bias in your hiring process. Explain the role of data analytics in identifying and addressing bias. Strengthen your skills as an inclusive leader. Describe the connection between inclusion and innovation. Explain how to incorporate inclusion into remote work settings.

This is an online, any time course. Click here to register.


  • Building an Inclusive Organization
  • Fee: $79.00

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