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SQL Queries for Mere Mortals   

Learn the basics of retrieving data from MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle SQL, or even Microsoft Access and Excel. For anyone who creates Access databases or Excel spreadsheets, financial officers, data miners, software support analysts, database administrators, or software developers. By using the native language of your database server you can get the information you need quicker and more accurately than any other tool. Cut your development time for reports and applications tremendously.

SQL allows the user to turn “data” into usable “information.” Each learning section is followed by both an instructor-led hands-on and independent student practice.

You will learn to use the SQL structures of SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE with emphasis on SELECT. Cutting through the noise of too much information, filtering, is discussed and practiced using the WHERE, GROUP BY, and HAVING clauses.

Since most databases are multi-tabled: UNIONs, INNER, LEFT, and RIGHT JOINS are discussed and practiced. You will learn to make complex information gathering tasks more manageable by learning to use subqueries.

DB design, history, and best practices are touched upon.

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