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MS Excel 2003 Level I  

Topics Covered:

Using Basic Workbook Skills
     Entering Text into Cells
     Saving a New Workbook
     Using AutoComplete
     Using Pick From List
     Entering Numbers into Cells
     Editing Cell Entries

Working with Ranges

     Selecting Ranges - Keyboard
     Selecting Ranges - Mouse
     Selecting Non-Adjacent Ranges
     Entering Values into a Range
     Using AutoFill

Creating Simple Formulas

     Entering Formulas
     Using the AutoSum Button
     Using Functions
     Using Formula AutoCorrect
     Using Formula Palette
     Using the Paste Function Button

Copying and Moving Data

     Copying/Cutting and Pasting
     Creating an Absolute Reference
     Filling Cells
     Using Drag-and-Drop Editing
     Using Undo and Redo
     Using the Undo List

Printing Worksheets

     Previewing a Worksheet
     Zooming the Preview Window
     Printing a Worksheet
     Printing a Selected Range
     Printing Multiple Copies
     Printing a Page Range

Using Page Setup

     Changing the Page Margins
     Centering the Worksheet
     Changing the Page Orientation
     Editing Headers and Footers
     Customizing Headers and Footers
     Printing without Gridlines
     Repeating Row and Column Labels
     Using Page Break Preview

Formatting Numbers

     Using the Currency Style
     Using the Percent Style
     Using the Comma Style
     Increasing Decimal Places
     Decreasing Decimal Places

Formatting Text

     Using the Font List
     Using the Font Size List
     Using the Bold/Italic/Underline Buttons
     Using the Font Color Button
     Rotating Text in a Cell
     Wrapping Text in a Cell
     Shrinking Text in a Cell
     Merging Cells into One Cell
     Increasing the Indent of Text
     Decreasing the Indent of Text

Working with Columns and Rows

     Selecting Columns and Rows
     Changing Width/Height
     Adjusting Columns Automatically
     Hiding/Unhiding Columns/Rows
     Inserting/Deleting a Column
     Inserting/Deleting a Row

Formatting Cells

     Using the Align Buttons
     Using the Center Button
     Using the Merge and Center Button
     Using the Borders Button
     Using the Fill Color Button
     Using the Format Painter Button
     Using Conditional Formatting

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