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Health Occupations Career Camp-Be a Lifesaver! (4-6)   

The world of a Lifesaver can be a very exciting and interesting place! Join Illinois Central College Health Career professionals for an exciting week full of hands on activities, discovering numerous career opportunities available within the healthcare field. 

Explore everything from an ambulance, therapy, to x-rays.  You will use your senses and feel what it is like to scrub for surgery and wear the surgical mask and gown; see microorganisms under a microscope; feel for pulses and know what to do to stop bleeding; smell smoke and know what to do in case of a fire. 

On Friday afternoon you will use your new skills to play a role in Peoria ER, where a mock mini disaster or accident will occur. Learn how all the health careers intersect in an emergency with police, fire, paramedics, laboratory staff, doctors, nurses and others all working together to save lives in a simulated hospital.

Your week as a Lifesaver will include CPR/First Aid Certificate, Anatomy Quick Guide, a morning field trip on Friday and five days of lunches (menu to be provided).

Parents are invited to attend Peoria ER on Friday afternoon.

→ Want to extend your day at Be a Lifesaver? Join us at Club CFK with games, computers, snacks, and more! Click here for more information.


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